The multi-tool, multi-editor digital assessment solution, developed by FuturSkill


There is no doubt: we live in a changing world. Available skills in the market and among the workforce are not always aligned with performance objectives.

ASkE aims to support companies and individuals to develop their performance and employability by offering a clear and reliable skills assessment: Soft Skills and Hard Skills.

ASKE enables you to:

  • Define your target: “Where am I going, what do I need”
  • Evaluate your available strengths “What have I got, what is my starting point”
  • Analyze skill gaps and match percentage with targeted position
  • Make informed decisions about integration, support and development


Ensuring the reliability and objectivity of your decision-making

As a genuine decision-making tool, ASkE provides a reliable skills assessment combining the analyses of several tried and tested tools, as well as support for decision-making through the creation of a unique skills report including an interview guide.
The identification of the expected target level enables you to prioritize your expectations and measure Skill Gaps.

Capitalize on your strengths to build the best transformation plans.

Whether you are a company or an individual, ASkE provides you with a better understanding of your strengths and challenges, and hence enables you to be an informed player in your own development. The skills evaluation allows you to set in motion and develop your employability and your performance by aligning your HR with your strategy.

Optimize costs and processes while addressing volume

In just a few clicks, ASkE provides you with a comprehensive view of the Hard and Soft Skills of a candidate or trainee on a single skills report, and helps you identify the Skill Gaps compared to the defined target level.
As a real optimization solution, ASkE provides you with packaged assessment services specific to your line of work, or a tailor-made approach with which you can create your own specifications according to your needs. ASkE enables you to carry out collective skill mappings

Customize training programs taking into account individual needs

Beyond the skills assessment, the aim is to design the most efficient integration or training programs according to the objective, actual needs and available strengths. ASkE enables you to adapt and offer educational content and methods according to the precise needs of your collaborators.

Function #1

Skills-Based Approach

Whether you are an expert or not, the Skills-Based Approach enables you to define your needs by choosing the cross-functional (Soft) and technical (Hard) skills predicted for performance in the targeted position or project, as well as the expected target level.
ASkE builds you the assessment protocol that is most relevant to your needs and your challenges by using market recognized tools (meeting the international psychometric criteria) to assess the skills needed by the company, both in terms of Soft Skills and Hard Skills.


Function #2

Business-Based Approach

Whether you are an expert or not, the Business-Based Approach enables you to benefit from a pre-targeting of the skills predicted for performance and expected target levels in the market of the targeted business. This approach is based on the expertise of the Manpower Group in terms of labor market knowledge.
On top of providing you with tailor-made expertise, this approach allows you to save time and focus on the basics by accessing a packaged offer in just a few clicks!

Function #3

Assessment Test-Based Approach

The Assessment Test-Based Approach gives you one-click access to a comprehensive repository of over 100 Hard and Soft Skill assessment tests, provided by FuturSkill’s partner editors. All these tests are scientifically recognized and meet current psychometric criteria. Discovering their benefits, conditions and usage context will help you choose the right tools.
This approach allows trained experts to directly access assessment tools independently.



Skills Report

The Skills Report is a synthesis tool that brings together all of the results of your assessment into a single document that is accessible to all.
It provides you with the following key elements as required:

  • A global vision of (Soft and Hard) skills in relation to your requirements
  • An overall suitability percentage of the position/project and the person evaluated
  • Identification, for each skill assessed, of the strengths and associated challenges
  • Practical development advice
  • The Reports available to the evaluated individual include a development passport, a genuine tool for managing his or her professional development (or employability).
  • The Assessor’s Report includes a structured interview guide to deepen the exchange.