In ever more complex and changing professional environments (VUCA World | volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous), the development of organizations and skills, and HR decision-making are becoming increasingly strategic, but also delicate.

To optimize your decisions and guide your human resources strategy requires support from the most reliable and relevant elements. Our team of Psychological Consultants provides you with its assessment expertise in professional contexts to assist you in your HR decision-making through 4 solutions:

  • Assessment Center & Development Center
  • Assessment advice
  • Transfer of know-how
  • Coaching

Our assessment methods enable you to identify and measure key success factors with a high level of predictive validity. Whether internal or external selection issues, headhunting, career development or the definition of training needs, we offer a complete range of assessment services to support your HR challenges and issues, specific to the activity sector of your company.

Our ethics and our strong human values, and principles of fairness and objectivity guarantee you high quality human support and the strong commitment of evaluated individuals (candidates or collaborators).

Assessment Advice

We support you in the optimization and development of your assessment procedures to enhance your business strategy. According to your needs, we carry out audits of existing practices, diagnostics and optimizations. We develop specific assessment tools for you, or internalize tools from the market and carry out skills transfer and the professionalization of your internal assessors.

  • Analysis and audit of internal practices
  • Market benchmarking and identification of “High-Tech High-Touch” solutions
  • Development of customized tools
  • Change Management: Culture & Posture
  • Internalization of Assessment solutions and Know-how Transfer (Managers and HR)

For example, we have supported a company with more than 1,000 employees in the industrial sector to harmonize and objectify its assessment practices in the context of recruitment and its internal mobility via the internalization of assessment solutions and the increase in skills of HR and managerial teams.

We work together with a leading company in the employment sector to optimize its recruitment processes and integrate the most efficient assessment solutions available on the market, according to its internal needs.

Assessment Center & Development Center

The Assessment Center, whether related to selection or development is one of the most reliable assessment methods. This solution enables you to:

  • Benefit from a detailed and tailor-made assessment of your current or future collaborators from an external, objective and fair outlook
  • Reinforce your decision-making
  • Reduce the risks related to recruitment and internal mobility errors for managers, experts or strategic functions
  • To ensure the best match between the candidate, the targeted position, the environment and culture of your company.

The Assessment Center enables the identification of the strengths and challenges of the individual, and provides the opportunity to take all of his or her talents into account, through a personalized assessment protocol. We formalize tangible development pathways that allow each assessed person to play an active role in his or her professional development.

For example, we support internal promotion processes in executive and managerial contexts through the Assessment Center methodology.
In addition, other assessment systems allow us to support your collaborators according to your objectives: Development Assessment Centers, personality, ability or specific skills assessments, and pre-training assessments.

Transfer of know-how

Beyond the assessment tools and methods that we implement to meet your needs, we can train you in the most effective recruitment methods and/or support you in your use of the assessment tools, to strengthen your assessment processes (recruitment, internal mobility, succession planning, skills development…). As such, we offer customized training to provide the highest level of efficiency and relevance for HR, managerial and operational communities. Depending on your expectations, these courses can take place in different formats, including face-to-face, blended or remote learning.
For example, we assist several companies in aligning their interview practices, and we train HR and managers in structured interview techniques, as well as the interpretation and use of assessment tests.


According to your current challenges and objectives, coaching brings you a space for consideration, confrontation and reflection on your practices and ultimately for progression (for you, your collaborators…). The coaching that we offer can focus on different themes according to the identified needs, such as:

  • Take up of posts and efficient integration
  • Development of managerial skills
  • Optimization of communication, self-marketing
  • Priority management
  • Taking stock and stress management…